Dangerous Procrastination – Or how to avoid Workload

Procrastination is not always the best solution!

here are some examples:

1) Going for a jog

yes, when you have finally gotten to the point where you think going for a jog, when it is icy and slippery outside (minus 5  to 10), then something is seriously wrong! This happened to me, and I learned a good lesson about avoiding workload.

The day actually started out sunny, no clouds, just beautiful. I put on rhythmic music on my Ipod, i was feeling the speed, i loved it: and then: I slipped on the ice and almost! broke my wrist. Then i realized, how dangerous procrastination can actually be.

2) cleaning your room

I thought cleaning my room would also clean my brain and make it fit for gaining new information. Here I was wrong for the second time. it can be even more dangerous than just going for a jog at minus 5 degrees..

When I started cleaning, i had this huge feeling of relief, everything was in order, no more stuff everywhere, just a relaxing vision of this amazingly cleaned out room filled my head. And then, when i was happily dusting one corner: my lamp (which had been resting silently on my book shelf) fell onto my back. I remained in an ugly stand still position and had my life passing before me, i already saw the glas splinters pressed into my lower black! No, i can tell you, i dont want my worst enemy to experience that feeling! But I was lucky, once again, and was only left with more cleaning up of glass, and no splinters in my back!

3) bringing down the garbage cans

This was the third stage of my procrastinating act. Here i was again, it was dark AND slippery outside, my arms were full of trash bags. But again I couldnt anticipate what would happen to me this time (yes, these things happen to me haphazardly) . So, when i finally tossed the trash away, I accidentally also tossed my keys into the bin. I ended up standing in the dark (i almost started crying) my trash was gone and my keys, respectively, too. Luckily, a man passed by me, and i cried out to him “help me, would you, I threw my keys into the bin”. And second time lucky, he actually had a flash light with him. Both of us started rummaging in the trash can (it was the nasty bin with all the food in it of course, i wasnt that lucky after all) but we couldnt find it.I already saw myself getting new keys made, when my mysterious hero said: “Is it this one…” I had to stop myself from throwing my arms around him…

Lesson learned: Never, ever assume, that procrastination is the best solution…You are better off actually doing the workload, than trying to avoid it…


I want to be happy again – and my Balenciaga bag back

Everything is different : no more candlelight dinners, no more walks in the park with him and on top of all: falling asleep on your own. No one pulls you into their arms, when you’ve had a bad day. Suddenly everyone around you seems to be in a perfect relationship, and worst of all: everyone in the train seems to be snogging someone else, except you. Its like giving away your favorite Balenciaga Bag, because you’re broke and you need the money.

It sounds hard and guess what: it is. (Losing the Boyfriend AND losing your favorite bag of course). But the most important question of all is: how did you get here in the first place? (This is for those girls who’ve initiated a break-up, not those who are desperate to win their boyfriend back. But feel free to read on anyways…)

I have a reaaaaaaally good girlfriend, lets call her Lucy (:-)), who broke up with her boyfriend recently. But it did not happen just like that, it took her a really long time to actually tell him, that she just couldn’t go on like this. She was really fighting for their relationship for a really long time. She wanted to get into his life, but he wanted out. He didn’t include her in anything- he went to parties alone, visited his family without her, and he just completely shut her out of his life.

But she always thought, one day it will get back to the way it used to be. But it never did. Instead, she just got really sad, because no matter what she did, she couldn’t get through to him. Everyday felt worse..But she just couldn’t let go..

Of course, no one can really judge a relationship, thats not what I’m trying to do.  But here’s a question for all of us: when do you pull the final straw? When is it enough, and when do you say, I can’t take it anymore? I dont want to be unhappy anymore, I want to be in a relationship thats worth fighting for.

Do we go on being miserable for such a long time, because we just cant bear the thought of being without the feeling of being in a relationship. “It’s the routine”, she told me. One small text before going to sleep with the words: i love u.. or just being able to call him when something really amazing happened in your life. Yes its hard, leaving this behind. But think about it this way: you will be miserable after the break up, but the time will (definitely) be much shorter, than being miserable for the rest of your life, because you just couldn’t break up with him.  And there is more good news: there a more guys out there, who are able to make you happy, you must only let them.

And for those girls who have to give away their Balenciaga Bag because they’re broke: when the money finally starts flowing again- you’ll be able to get a new one. And for the time solo- you can always dream about your favorite boyfriend AND bag…

Dating a Freak? Life as a Shoe

Life as a Shoe

Life as a Shoe

Have you ever put on a pair of heels and hoped they’d magically “grow” a size? Because girls be realistic: it just won’t happen.

Heres the same thing with guys:

How come some of us love to pick freaks as our new boyfriends? Are we doing it on purpose? We hate his green polo shirts from the beginning, we can’t stand him laughing like a girl and actually he isn’t really attractive? Still some of us cling on, as if he is ‘the one’, even though we should have tossed him the moment he wanted us to pay the check on the first date? Or is it our fault, do we have too many expectations? There are no real answers to these questions, but it’s worth thinking about it for once.

A really good friend of mine had to figure this out, and it took her a while. He had a girlfriend, but he still asked her to meet up. “He is weird, but i still like him” ,she told me. And then she said: “But we are just friends”. So I asked her: “Well, if you guys are just friends, you dont ever feel the urge to kiss him?”. She looked at me and I knew, that they weren’t just friends. They never openly talked about the fact that he had a girlfriend, but she was still holding on. Sometimes he would be ignoring her for weeks, only to send her a text, asking her to meet up. And she still went. Until one day, even she realized she was caught up in a freak show. She needed his help, and he blew her off really bad. “I’m over him”, she told me one day, and then I knew she meant it. So what does it take, how much “bad” do we accept?

It’s like loving a pair of kitten heels in the store, only to realize, when wearing them for the first time, that they start hurting more and more? But we still dance through the night. At some point we have to take the shoes off, we know that from the beginning. But we are strong, we’ll keep them on as long as we can. So is it the same with freaks?

Are we just scared to get serious, and we’ll take the worst freak we can find (ie. he talks to his mom more than to us) so we dont have to jump into a serious relationship?

So why are we usually picky about everything (we know how exactly our wedding ceremony will look like by the age of 12 and we take nothing less than Louboutins) but if we’re eager we’ll take a guy whose style is worse than Agyness Deyns?

Another friend of mine is in a serious relationship. But then she went to this party and met a guy. Or should we call him freak? She was annoyed by him all the time: He isnt intellectual enough, he’s as tall as me…and so on. But she still thought about him all the time. And again only a pretty crazy situation helped her to forget him. She was just talking to him at a party, when another girl appeared who was even more awkward than the guy, and pulled him away, in the middle of the conversation. She was absolutely furious with him, asked him if something was going on between my friend and him. “We were ONLY talking, and this girl went crazy”, she tells me. But this insane situation proved it to her, she was definitely TALKING to the wrong guy. “Are you bored in your relationship?” I asked her, and she admitted, she was.

So does choosing a freak say more about us, than it says about the guy? Maybe its not trying to work on the guy, but working on ourselves. Our ways of “choosing” in the first place. Because if we start being more realistic when trying on a pair of Manolos, then they won’t hurt us in the first place…

My Garden! Or Trading Student Life for Household Duties

You cannot ignore whats around yourself…Could it be any more random? Funnily enough, it is. What i mean with random is student life. Or, to be more precise, to do EVERYTHING to avoid it. I happen to have a lovely room mate, who is seriously turning, like me as it is, into a desperate housewife. Anything seems more random: growing your own garden (in your own room) collecting flowers in the park, walking the dog (any, if you dont have one) , cooking a lovely Soljanka, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen or collecting small dusty molecules from under your bed.

What is it, we ask ourselves, as we mature to ripe University Students every day, that makes us so, desperate? How come we do everything, that we used to hate (when we still attended school) just to avoid university Duties? I remember the endless rows I had with my siblings, about whos turn it is to clean out the dishwasher. Now you cant wait to clean the dishes (no normal student has a dishwasher these days). Ok, I admit, the dishwashing process is not the best example. Of all the household duties I’ve come to enjoy, this is still the last thing a student wants to do.

But there are numerous other things which I’ve come to enjoy, one of them is gardening. I have numourous cactuses (yes this is botanically correct term for more than on cactus) in my room and spend lots of time on them. I also started planting a baby affenbrotbaum again, have two orchids, one little cypress tree, one hibiscus and one “monstera”. Anyhow, you can see, student life can start making things of you, you would never have believed would once be “you”. Prior to this Era (i will call it the plant Era) the only plant i had was one monkey bread tree (which has, astonishingly survivid till this day) but that was it. Not that I’m saying that I was plant hating before this Era. What is just so amazing, that student life makes you sensitive to all sorts of life (yes. second life is included here) or Life in Web 2.0, but you start to notice things, that you wouldn’t have seen with, lets say, other eyes?

Anyway, enough of that… Damn…I really should be writing my history essay now…

Till Then…

yes – Blogs are a great way of avoiding university duties…

Lost in the Woods

Try this. Count to ten, close your eyes, and run around in a circle. After a while, you might encounter some sort of spinning sensation and you will feel a bit disoriented. Now that you have went through the same emotions as I did, you might feel a bit sentimental when you hear this:

I step off the plane, suck in the (rather thin) air of Munich and I feel a bit nostalgic about leaving everything behind to work for a newspaper. I dont really want to think about the moment i step into the new office, all the faces focused on me, and those quiet thoughts im able to pick up: what might she be like as a journalist. The first thing that happens to me ( i am one of those lucky people who wants to buy a monthly train ticket, gets of the train to buy this ticket as not to get cought without one, asks at the local kiosk if they have those tickets, they say yes, but unfortunately im not able to pay because they dont accept credit cards, so i walk to the bank which is way off, only to discover that there has been a power breakdown (obviously only in the small dorf that i got off in) and have to walk back only to sit in the train worrying when two main in dark suits will pick me up by the sleeves and throw me into the gutter next to the train) Anywhow, this was not the story i wanted to tell.

So i get of the plane (lovely flight, wonderful view and all that) and getting a horrible scare because there is supposed to be some sort of threat in the train station ( i know i already told a story about trains but this story is actually about bicycles.

A bit tense i arrive at my new apartment and decide to discover the countryside. I decide to take the bike, since ill be able to see my new workplace up close and so on.

Nothing really spectacular happens for a while, i feel a bit worried, that i found the place so well (i did work on my geography) and in my enlightened state i drive back over the hills, the canola swinging on the sides of the street (but a stinky smell coming from the i have to admit which kinda shook the whole idyllic countryside feel a bit ) and the cards swooshing by me . I spot a small lake on my right side, lying beside the trees and the reed in its natural peace. I make a spontaneous decision to come use another path with my bike, didnt the neighbours say i could also ride through the woods? in my new ecstatic state i ride towards the lake, as a tourist (! which should later become my dark fate) and he says “yes the path through the woods is lovely and easy to find)

Everything changed after that. The gravel was seriously sqeuaking under the tires and i was bumping up and down. i got into the woods, no sign of any sign to be seen, and i should have turned around then, but as my instinct was somehow not there, i rode on. i rode through the woods for twenty minutes, no sight of anyone, the trees rustling and the bushes moving. it didnt really help that the neighbours told me that wild boars (occasionally) tend to appear suddenly.

Then and there i decided to turn around and leave this blair witch project 4 and go home, like i came, on the main street. I learnt a lesson: never trust tourists, and if you can, stay on the main street. Always!

The nasty side effects of human nature Or how to avoid them FAST

When you are a student, nothing is the same as it used to be. First of all, all your previous ideas get shattered, which are that  A) your life will continue the same way as it used to beas it was in  school and B) Idealism does not exist.

Just suppose you are surrounded by people all day, that think they are the smartest, and even make the tackiest comments all along too. They know how the world works, how principles of sic et non evolved, how molecules of RNA formed the “principles of life” or they love to explain the full legal system of the Roman Republic to their proffessor.

When you first hear their voices, you think: wow, that is absolutely wonderful, I have no duty whatsoever to say anything during this course, they will do it for me. However, you will soon realise, of what will be the biggest mistake in your life. They do not stop. They won’t ever stop. They think they are fully emersed in that topic, they think they have read all books on it, and lastly, they think they are never wrong. Even if your proffessor will try to stop them, it will never have any consequences. Their arms will flash into the air, even though no one is listening anymore. Least of all the proffessor himself. As people are counting air molecules or are re-beautifying their nail tips, reading magazines on the latest Global Warming Exasperation and inventing new forms of Scrabble or Web 2.0, their monotone voices will zip through the room like crazy swirls of toxic garbage, they will echo in your sleep and fill your mind with pure…love. Their knowledge will seep into your brain and mingle into the cells like a viral host. AS if.

You will sit and wonder, not only what you want to eat for dinner, but also why you didnt think of that smart answer. Why didnt you think of what Cicero might have said (to you in your sleep?) Why didnt you read three books on Caesars lifestyle? Unbelievable, but true. You probably are one of those who spend their evenings in company of a Web 2.0 style facebookish, studivzish or youtubish environment, casually writing mails to your friends, or chatting with your roommate, whilst she is next door. Or you actually met real people that evening, out of flesh and blood, who were making jokes and actually talking to you, face to face, not in a book, but in a bar. And when the sun sets, and other people are poking their noses into books as thick as your Balenciaga bag resting in your closet, you are sharing a sheepish glass of wine with your real life friends.

And deep down you know: it doesnt REALLY matter that you dont know what a “decision tree” was in your Business exam, or that the Po River flows into the Adriatic Sea, not the Tyrrhenian. And you won’t REALLY worry, that your professor just humiliated you infront of the entire course, shaking his head and mumbling aloud: “See, that’s what I mean, she hasn’t even filled out the last page”. And it won’t matter, that you knew the answer to every single question (okay, maybe every second question) on the pages before. Because he didnt look, and, he doesnt really care. After all, if there are 150 Students and you are number 89, then there is no big difference between those two numbers. Who cares, which one fails?

And when you socialize with your friends, and you already started your second glass of Pinot Grigio, then it wont really matter that you stayed up all night drinking coffee, (never mind those creative breaks) and trying to get your head aroung the formula that the root of 200 times M times bfx divided by p times q ist the “optimale Bestellmenge”. Because no one will ever ask you that question. It will always be the question, around which you will never get your head around, and THATS a rule of life. Otherwise it would be too simple, or predictable.

But never mind those crazy days and crazy nights, those voices that still give you the creeps, and those people that you just cant stand. Because you know, they didnt have as much fun as you did last night, watching both versions of Kill Bill with your roommate and remembering all the dialogues by heart: “I acted irrationaly, but if it seems a little cryptic to you…”

And the best thing of all: you will still end up having averagely good grades (if you turn it and bend it your way so a C could possibly have been a B-) and didnt give up your evening to memorize Cicero by heart. Why not start by memorizing movie lines…it might be useful to you some day…

A Guideline to the PERFECT Train Ride

1. Before you do anything: pack lightly! This is only a precaution to be taken in case someone stumbles a) over your bags, or b) gets caught in your rucksack.

2. Try to sit in a cabin, that absolutely no (!) other person is sharing with you. This can lead to problems like:

 a huge family from Switzerland takes a seat next to you, is amazed by the time it takes from Schönefeld to Berlin Zoo (Switzerland is about that size) They will probably have 2 kids, one cries all the time and the other is behaving like a little ape, exploring the amazing seat next to you by jumping up and down. Then they will have an argument so loud next to you (in three different languages at once), which you will definitley be louder than the music you are listening to!

3. Read the above and: LISTEN TO MUSIC. Rock n’ Roll, Hard Rock, anything that prevents you from hearing the noises around you.

4. Go for the expensive train ride, and not the cheap one. Otherwise you will end up riding around in the country side (which you always wanted to see, but don’t have any nerve for now) and never end up at your destination. Or you will be spending more time on a train station than at home.

5. Take a book, a magazine anything that takes you around point 4.

6. before you go, think about things you can do, that will make your stay on a lonely train station more enjoyable.

7. Always read the time plans correctly. It could happen that your train only comes once a week, or once a month, but does definitley not come when you’re there.

8. Food: the key to everything (yes, also calories). It is survival factor number one. Also when you have to sleep at the train station.

9. Drink: not water, but heavy, heavy BOOZE!

10. If points 1-9 don’t help remember: IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER OPTION: don’t take the train!